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06 May, 2021 Piercing Isn’t Just a Subculture Thing Anymore
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In the past, women would typically get a single piercing in each ear and stopped at that. A simple pair of pearl studs or dangling crystals would suffice. On the other side, the more rebellious souls ..
10 Apr, 2021 Why The Unisex Jewelry Trend Is Gaining More Popularity
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The jewelry industry is heavily marked toward women. Females are encouraged to adorn themselves with fancy jewels, layered necklaces, bangles and more. Any place on your body where jewelry can be worn..
12 Mar, 2021 Earrings Through The Ages: They’re Older Than We Think
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Earrings are a very important part of any outfit, whether you are going for a more casual, everyday look or are going for a completely dolled up extravagant look. Earrings are always there to spice up..
26 Feb, 2021 Video Share - Discounted Pandora Charms from DoraShop
16 Feb, 2021 Video Share - Pandora Charm Bracelet - Pandora Rose
06 Jan, 2021 Video Share - Pandora Charm Bracelet - The Dream Catcher
04 Dec, 2020 The Perfect Gift for a Woman: Pandora Rings
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Many men will receive an answer to the question “What to give to your beloved?”Undoubtedly, any girl wants to be beautiful and at the same time unique, so that the image and style in a certain sense..
15 Nov, 2020 Jewelry Gifts for Birthdays and Anniversaries
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A jewel is always an unforgettable gift! On special dates like Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, friend's Birthday, it's always an important time to get out of the "cliché" and give a full gift..
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