A jewel is always an unforgettable gift! On special dates like Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, friend's Birthday, it's always an important time to get out of the "cliché" and give a full gift of personality!

People value gifts that make them feel unique and special. This does not mean that you should spend fortunes to surprise your love. Fine semi-jewels are a perfect choice, considering the quality, durability and beauty of the pieces, at an excellent cost-benefit ratio. But it's important to be careful and follow some tips so you do not make mistakes when it comes to choosing!

Pay close attention to your friend's style: is he or she more stylish, up-to-date, or casual? There are several models of semi-jewels, for each type of woman. You can ask a friend for help or if you have intimacy with your girlfriend's mother to make sure the right style! A universal tip is, in doubt, always opt for something classic and more discreet!

Now let's get the gift ideas to enchant:

Reliquaries: The reliquaries are glass capsules, which open and close and you include little pendants inside, called CHARMS. They were inspired by the ancient reliquaries, much used in the Victorian era. People used the reliquary as a way of remembering something or an important person. Inside of them were photos, messages, and little memorabilia. Similarly, you can create a combination of charms that refers to the best feelings in your relationship and symbols that translate important characteristics of your love. There are more than 50 models to choose from! This piece becomes unique and exclusive and mainly loaded with the best feelings.

Bracelet & Berlocks: In the same line of the reliquary and already very traditional, are the bracelets for trinkets. It is very common for women to have some model already, so you can complement the bracelet by choosing a feeling-laden trinket or, if it still does not have it, put on a bracelet she dreamed so much about. There are many models of delicate trinkets that have already become a passion among women!

Semi jewels with heart: The heart is inevitably the symbol of love! In this case it is quite interesting to think of your friend's style, to vary in the format and the type of material used in this gift. The necklaces are always a great gift choice for your friend, since combined to clothes, can leave even more elegant person.

Delicate rings: Rings are often tied to a date of commemoration, but it is very common for women not to like to receive "compromise alliances" without proper consent. So if the idea is to invest in a SURPRISE factor, it is important to be aware of choosing the right type and a model that does not involve a commitment beyond the current status of your relationship!

Jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day anniversary

Jewelry of unusual shape with engraving - traditional gifts that are suitable for women and men. Choose models based on the style and age of a loved one. The girl will like heart shaped inserts with a bright scattering of precious or semi-precious stones. For a guy, choose products in a minimalist design. Consider original gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Remember, attention and creativity are important, then the surprise is sure to be remembered and loved by your loved one.

How to make a pleasant surprise

For a long time, remember the happy emotions that people give each other on February 14. Show imagination, think up an unusual greeting. And remember, a Valentine's Day present to a loved one is important, but the style of presentation is important.

Romantic - prepare candles in advance, decorate the table with rose petals. Hand a present in the morning, adding to it a cup of aromatic coffee, or during dinner. And do not forget about a small bouquet of violets, which will tell in the language of flowers about the sincerity of feelings and loyalty.

Extreme - racing on electric cars, parachuting or flying in a balloon. These gifts for couples will bring unforgettable impressions to both. If you present a gift high in the sky or immediately after landing, you will see delight and happiness in the eyes of the rugs.

Fascinating - a romantic trip. It is important to choose the right time and develop a route that both will like. It is not necessary to go to Paris or Venice. There are many beautiful places in Ukraine. But such a surprise must be prepared in advance.

Useful - devices and gadgets that are useful in everyday life. It can be e-books, smartphones, tablets, laptops. Just do not buy a set of pots, pans or socks as a gift to your husband or wife for Valentine's Day, if you are not going to add jewelry or travel tickets to it.

Regardless of the occasion and of the present chosen, the main tips complement the present is the way of delivering it. A good number of people do not enjoy gifts that have been received with the feeling of "just another duty fulfilled". The magic of the moment makes all the difference and totally values the present! So, put your creativity to work and think of a suitable place, an affectionate card or words that will mark this special moment where only you can create and do not have the style anywhere!