The jewelry industry is heavily marked toward women. Females are encouraged to adorn themselves with fancy jewels, layered necklaces, bangles and more. Any place on your body where jewelry can be worn, there’s an accessory for that. For a large part of modern history, the jewelry industry has been strictly separated by gender. While jewelry for men exists and is an emerging market, it has traditionally been placed into a simplistic box. Men wear simple wedding bands, maybe a leather bracelet or two and perhaps a corded necklace.
With the shift in mentality and society’s relationship with gender, the stiff jewelry restrictions are changing. While unisex jewelry has existed for a long time, the gender fluidity movement has opened up far more possibilities for jewelry wearing. Attitudes towards sex are changing, and likewise, the rules of fashion are becoming blurred. Men are no longer expected to dress extremely masculinely without a trace of jewelry in fear of being viewed as too feminine.

Superstars have always pushed the boundaries of gender-specific styles. From Elton John to Prince, famous men have incorporated jewelry into their fashion. Until recently, this was typically viewed under the lens of a stage personality or written off as an exceptional case of celebrity style. Today, the powerhouse Harry Styles has proven that traditional gender roles are antiquated and shouldn’t dictate how we dress. Whether sporting a long flowing dress or bright sparkling jewels, Styles has proudly declared that men should dress however they desire.

Thanks to all of these societal shifts, unisex jewelry is becoming one of the hottest modern trends. There are many emerging unisex jewelry collections. Assortments of minimalist designs and stackable styles in all colors and materials take center stage in some unisex collections. The point of creating unisex jewelry is to offer pieces that empower people of any gender to feel beautiful and confident. Unisex jewelry celebrates gender fluidity and recognizes those who identify as gender non-conforming or non-binary.

Unisex jewelry disregards convention and tradition. It celebrates whimsical designs and modern styles. These collections also offer a variety of pieces to suit people wherever they are on their personal journey. Whether you want something more understated or jewelry that makes a bold statement, there is a piece of modern jewelry for you.

This trend not only celebrates individuality in all of its forms but also tears down the traditional confinements of gender-specific jewelry. The days of stereotypical jewelry marketing are over. Fine rings, diamond necklaces and charming bracelets are no longer limited to women. For the next anniversary, birthday or special occasion, consider gifting your loved one jewelry from a unisex collection to help them celebrate their individuality.