This season is all about portability. PANDORA has long been making a name for itself when it comes to personal styling. But the design has more functions of styling options than ever. The design team came up with brand new ways for you to tell your story through your jewelry.


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Reset your personal style with PANDORA ME

This fall, PANDORA will reset its PANDORA ME concept. PANDORA ME was introduced at the end of 2019 and is very popular with young people and ladies who love personalized styling. The new PANDORA ME Reset collection expresses even more who you are. With unique innovations, PANDORA is taking its 'Me' concept in a completely different direction. More than the first launch, it's about defining, renewing and reinventing your own style. With PANDORA ME, you don't follow trends, you set them. PANDORA ME takes self-expression to the next level.


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The novelties are inspired by the passion, fantasy and creativity of Generation Z. Gen Z stands for diversity and inclusivity. An infinite number of jewelry combinations are therefore required to maintain a unique style. That's why the PANDORA ME collection includes a variety of basic jewellery, from earrings to link jewelry, to personalize with styling accents. There are no less than 55 new styles!


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Mix & Match to your heart's content with styling connectors, styling links, symbolic word-shaped styling links, long styling links, meaningful mini pendants or micro-beads and medallions.


The rings from the PANDORA ME collection are made to stack. This way you create your own look with the different metals. Using the rectangular ring connector, which you can also shop online at DoraShop, you can even add mini pendants, micro-beads or a PANDORA ME medallion to your PANDORA ME ring combination!


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Are you looking for authenticity and a flexible identity? Then PANDORA ME is the way to express your individuality through jewelry. Share with your environment which you stand for.


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For every story, for every me!